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guide to barra de navidad and melaque
guide to barra de navidad and melaque guide to barra de navidad and melaque
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Barra lagoon

Guide to Barra de Navidad

Located on a narrow sand bar between the Laguna Navidad and Pacific Ocean, Barra de Navidad is a quaint village of some 6000 inhabitants. Originally known as Puerto Xalisco, it was given the name Barra de Navidad by Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza who arrived on the 25th of December, 1540. Known to more adventurous travelers for some time, it's now receiving more people looking for an alternative to places such as Puerto Vallarta.

Barra de Navidad has a beautiful golden beach on a small bay it shares with Melaque. Facing northwest it regularly enjoys spectacular sunsets. The lagoon is home to a fancy new marina and during the winter it's an anchorage for many sailboats that love it's calm water. Numerous seafood restaurants along the water's edge serve the catch of a small fishing fleet that leaves the lagoon early each morning.

Take a water taxi across the lagoon where you'll find a smaller town called Colimilla and belongs to the state of Colima. The Isla Navidad Resort complex surrounds the village with a 27 hole golf course and the Grand Bay Hotel which is the most luxurious in the area.

Barra de Navidad offers a full range of hotels from the cheap to the very expensive with most in the medium price range. Also available are condos,bungalows and rental houses. Food options run from traditional fare to fresh seafood and international cuisine. Most are moderately priced. Many are listed in the following guide section.

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  • Hotel el Marquez...Calle Filipinas 75,Tel: 355-5304 Fax: 355-6300, 30 rooms, 2 blocks from beach, price: moderate, see Webpage
  • Hotel Bogavante...Av. López de Lesazpi,Tel: 355-5384 Fax: 355-6120, 20 rooms, on the beach, price: moderate
  • Hotel Barra de Navidad...Av. López de Lesazpi 250, Tel: 355-5122 Fax: 355-5303, 59 rooms, pool, AC, on the beach, price: moderate
  • Hotel Sands...Calle Morelos 24, Tel: 355-5148 Fax: 355-5108, 36 rooms, pool, on the lagoon, price: moderate
  • Hotel El Delfin...Calle Morelos 23, Tel: 355-5068 Fax: 355-6020, 22 rooms, pool, price: moderate
  • Hotel Cabo Blanco... all inclusive
  • Hotel Grand Bay...Colimilla Tel: 355-XXXX Fax: 355-XXXX, 158 rooms, pool, golf, tennis, price:expensive
  • Hotel Jalisco...Jalisco # 81 Tel: 355-5447,12 rooms, price: budget
  • Hotel San Lorenzo...Sinaloa #7, Tel: 335-55139, 24 rooms, price: budget
  • Posada Pacifico..Mazatlan # 136, Tel: 355-5359, 31 rooms, price: budget
  • Hotel Caribe...Sonora # 15, Tel: 355-5237, 19 rooms, price: budget
  • Apartamentos Polo's...Veracruz 210, Tel: 355-6410, 19 apartments, price: moderate
  • Villas Cabo Coral...Andres de Urdanette, Tel: 355-6400 Fax: 355-4601, 25 apartments, price: moderate
  • La Casa de Don Ramon...Calle San Pedro, Tel/Fax: 355-6114, guest house, clean and quiet, kitchen, price: inexpensive

  • Bananas...currently being relocated,Tel: 355-xxxx, open since 1983, Breakfast (hours 8 to 12) mexican and american style, Dinner(hours 6:30 to 10) menu includes original seafood and pasta recipes, steaks, chicken, English spoken, price: moderate
  • Restaurant Pancho...on the beach,Tel 355-5176, the oldest continually operated business in Barra, originators of shrimp a la diabla, lobster and all types of seafood, cocktails, closes at sun down, price: moderate
  • Seamaster...on the beach, Tel 355-XXXX, hours:, specialty of the house: bbq ribs, cocktails, happy hour, price: moderate
  • Restaurant Nacho...on the beach, Tel 355-XXXX, hours:, specialty of the house: bbq fish, cocktails, price: moderate
  • El Tucan...on the beach, Tel 355-XXXX, hours:, hamburgers, price: moderate
  • Veleros...on the lagoon, Tel 355-XXXX, hours:, specialty of the house: shish kebab, cocktails, happy hour, price: moderate
  • El Manglito...on the lagoon, Tel 355-XXXX, hours:, oyster house, cocktails, happy hour, price: moderate
  • Ambar...one block from the church, Tel 355-XXXX, hours:, specialty of the house: crepes, French cuisine, cocktails, price: moderate to expensive
  • Tessa's Malt Shop...Calle Jalisco #8 above the Crazy Cactus, hours:, American style malts, burgers, salads, price: moderate
  • Loncheria Karina...Lopez de Legazpi #121, 8am to 8pm, fresh fruit smoothies, juices and salads ,subs, burgers, price: inexpensive
  • Restaurant Paty's...Calle Jalisco, hours: 8am to 11pm, bbq chicken, pozole, tacos, enchiladas, tostadas(antojitos) price: inexpensive
  • Restaurant Ramon...across from Hotel Barra de Navidad, Tel 355-XXXX, hours: early AM until late PM, large menu, price: moderate
  • Popeye's...on the beach near malecon, hours:, specialty of the house: seafood price: moderate
  • Los Arcos...Mazatlan near Posada Pacifico, hours:, specialty of the house: traditional mexican dishes, price: inexpensive
  • piper lovers blues bar and grill...Av López de Legazpi #138, Tel/Fax: 355-6747, live music, blues and rock atmosphere
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  • Costalgre Fishing Charters...Calle Veracruz #85, Tel:355-5416, Fishing charters, snorkeling and jungle river trips. Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and Tuna.
  • Z Pesca Charter Fishing...Calle Jalisco #8, Tel 355-6091, deep sea fishing charters, all types of gamefish.
  • Tomas' Jet Ski and Kayak Rentals...Av. Lopez de Legazpi, jet ski and kayak rentals
  • Crazy Cactus Equipment Rentals...Calle Jalisco #8, Tel: 355-6091, bicycle, surfboards, and snorkeling equipment rentals
  • La Paloma art center Av.Las Caba ñas #13,Villa Obregon, Tel/Fax:355-5345, E-mail: lapaloma@ciber.net.mx, art workshops and instruction, Spanish language and poetry classes,
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  • Taxi stands... 1 on Sinaloa between Lopez de Legazpi and Veracruz, Tel: 355-5760 1 on Michoacan between Lopez de Legazpi and Veracruz near bus terminals
  • Transportes Cihuatlan~Autocamiones del Pacifico... Av. Lopez de Legazpi, Tel: 355-5265, bus service to Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Manzanillo and other destinations Bus Schedules
  • Primera Plus... Av. Lopez de Legazpi, Tel: 355-6111, bus service to Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Manzanillo and other destinations Bus Schedules
  • Vinos y Licores 'Edu'...Michoacan #54, large selection of tequila, table wines and other liquors, beer
  • Vinos y Licores Barra de Bavidad...Av. Lopez de Legazpi # 264, Tel: 355-5735, wines, liquors, snacks, money exchange, fine cigars
  • Mini-market 'Hawaii'...Lopez de Legazpi 1 block from church, open 11 to 11, Tel: 355-5625, long distance phone and fax service, groceries, liquors, Kahlua
  • Nelly's Coiffure...Av. Lopez de Legazpi 204-B, hair cuts, coloring, permanents, manicures and pedicures
  • Lavanderia 'Mats'...Av. Lopez de Legazpi # 62 near corner with Michoacan, laundry service, pick up and delivery service
  • Publicaciones Luna corner of Av. Lopez de Legazpi and Michoacan, magazines and newspapers, beer and soft drinks
  • Meche's Shoppe... Av. Lopez de Legazpi, 1 block from church, souvenirs, t-shirts, vanilla